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Camping Food Ideas Made Easy and Tasty [June 2023]

Last updated on August 7th, 2023 at 05:42 pm

Image of women around campfire in front of an RV enjoying camping.

Warm Greetings, Weekend Adventurers! It’s that time of year when we itch to get outside, and nature coaxes us from our comfortable homes to embark on an adventure! That’s right – it’s camping season! Whether your idea of camping is in an RV, a tent or glamping, I don’t know about you, but my two big reasons are sitting around a campfire and looking at the stars, and then, of course, eating. Do you need some easy camping food ideas?

My campfire cooking relies on my favorite Tastefully Simple products. I am the head of digital for them, and absolutely can vouch for how good, tasty and easy the products are. Today, we’re going to learn how to plan for some delicious breakfast, dinner, and dessert recipes, all around the comfort of our crackling campfire.

Ten Tips for Prepping Camping Food

When preparing for a weekend of camping, it’s essential to plan your meals ahead of time. I will say that earlier in my life, my prep consisted of stopping at a grocery store and picking up some stuff on the way to the campground, and that was never as successful as I hoped, so as I’ve gotten <ahem> older, I plan a little more and we have a lot more fun. Here are 10 tip to help nail the prep:

Image of cooler packed with food items for camping.
  1. Pre-pack your meals: To save time, pre-pack meals using Tastefully Simple meal kits. The Oh Hey! Vacay kit is perfect for this. You won’t have to worry about measuring ingredients, and you’ll have more time to enjoy your camping experience.
  2. Try vacuum sealing: It’s a smart way to keep your food fresh and save space.
  3. Plan simple meals: Remember, you’re out in nature, not competing on MasterChef.
  4. Don’t forget about breakfast: Pack easy to make, filling breakfast items, like oatmeal or scrambled eggs.
  5. Make a checklist: Ensure you pack everything you need – from utensils to cleaning supplies.
  6. Don’t forget hydration: Pack plenty of water and easy-to-make beverages.
  7. Freeze perishables: Keep them at the bottom of your cooler to act as extra ice packs.
  8. Don’t forget the flavor: Tastefully Simple has a variety of seasonings and dips that can spice up any meal.
  9. Use multipurpose utensils: This cuts down on the number of items you have to pack and clean.
  10. Plan for snacks: Pack healthy snacks that don’t require refrigeration or cooking.

Cooking Over a Campfire

Cooking over a campfire can be a fun and rewarding way to prep camp food. Here are 10 tips to help you master the art of campfire cooking:

camping food ideas start with a great campfire -- this campfire setup uses a grate over the top of the fire.
  1. Build the right fire: For cooking, you want a bed of hot coals, not a roaring flame.
  2. Use a campfire grill or tripod: This provides a stable cooking surface and allows you to control the cooking temperature.
  3. Preheat your cooking surface: Whether it’s a grill or a cast-iron skillet, preheat it for even cooking.
  4. Use foil packets: Foil packet meals are easy to make and clean up is a breeze.
  5. Keep an eye on your food: Campfire heat can be unpredictable, so keep a close watch to prevent burning.
  6. Cook in batches: This will keep your food hot and ready to serve at the same time.
  7. Keep your food safe: Store food properly when not cooking to prevent wildlife encounters.
  8. Be patient: Cooking on a campfire takes time. Don’t rush it.
  9. Practice safety: Always have water or a fire extinguisher handy, and never leave a fire unattended.
  10. Experiment and have fun: Try new recipes, and don’t stress if things don’t turn out perfect. It’s all part of the camping experience!

Cleaning Up After Camp Meals

Cleaning up is…..boo….a necessary evil in the camp food experience. Here are 10 tips for cleaning up after your camp meals:

Image of children cleaning dishes in large bucket at a campsite
  1. Use biodegradable soap: It’s more environmentally friendly.
  2. Scrape your dishes: Make sure to scrape your dishes clean before washing.
  3. Pack a collapsible camp sink or basin: This makes cleaning dishes easier. The camp sink I’ve linked also has a cutting board so it serves double-duty. We love it.
  4. Use hot water: This helps to clean dishes more effectively.
  5. Air dry your dishes: Save on packing towels, and let nature do its job!
  6. Pack out your trash: Remember the camper’s motto: “Leave no trace.”
  7. Don’t feed the wildlife: Never leave food scraps around your campsite and ensure that your food is secure.
  8. Clean your cooking area: Ensure it’s ready for the next meal. We pack packing cubes with reusable wash cloths and towels.
  9. Keep your cleaning supplies handy: This makes clean-up easier.
  10. Recycle: If you’ve packed canned or bottled drinks, make sure to recycle.

Easy Camping Food Ideas & Recipes

1. Campfire Skillet Scramble (Breakfast)

Start your day off right with a hearty breakfast. This simple yet delicious meal uses Tastefully Simple’s Spinach & Herb Seasoning to elevate your campfire scramble.

Campfire Skillet Scramble
Super easy camp breakfast before a day of hiking, swimming and nature.
Check out this recipe
Campfire Skillet Scramble in cast iron pan. Recipe features eggs, bacon and more

2. Walking Breakfast Tacos (Breakfast)

A camp classic reswizzled for breakfast! Kids will love these and its a hearty start for a full day of activities.

Walking Breakfast Tacos
You've heard of walking tacos, lets make them breakfast style!
Check out this recipe

3. Foil Packet Chicken & Veggies (Dinner)

Hit the easy button with these foil packets from Tastefully Simple.

Chicken & Veggie Foil Packets
Chicken and assorted veggies grilled in a foil packet with Onion Onion Seasoning and Ultimate Steak Seasoning.
Check out this recipe
Chicken & Veggie Foil Packets

4. Grilled Veggie and Sausage Skewers (Dinner)

Simple, tasty, and fun to eat! Use Tastefully Simple’s Garlic Pepper Seasoning to boost the flavors of your campfire skewers.

Sausage & Veggie Skewers
Yummy food on a stick? Yes please! These campfire crowd pleasers are easy and quick.
Check out this recipe
Sausage & Veggie Skewers

5. S’mores with Creamy Caramel Sauce (Dessert)

A traditional favorite, with a little extra pizzazz.

S’mores with Creamy Caramel Sauce
Who knew S’mores could get any better! The addition of the caramel drizzle creates a dessert treat beyond compare!
Check out this recipe
S’mores with Creamy Caramel Sauce

6. Campfire Baked Apples (Dessert)

Deliciously sweet and warm, these baked apples are the perfect end to your meal. With Tastefully Simple’s Cinnamon Spice Blend, your campfire dessert will be a hit!

Campfire Baked Apples
Full of sweet and cinnamon-y goodness, these baked apples are cooked over your campfire or on your grill for perfect camping or cookout treat.
Check out this recipe
Campfire Baked Apples

So, dear friends, with these camping food ideas in hand, we’re sure that your weekend camping culinary adventure is going to be a smashing success. Trust us, with Tastefully Simple products gracing your campfire cooking, you’ll be the talk of the campsite!

However, before we sign off, let’s remember a few important points. Always prioritize safety when cooking on an open flame. Keep a bucket of water handy, and remember to douse your campfire when you’re done. And finally, always respect nature and clean up your campsite when you leave.

What are we waiting for, friends? It’s time to pack up the tent, load up the cooler, and head to the great outdoors for a weekend camping adventure! And remember, no matter where we go or what we cook, it’s the shared memories and experiences that truly make the trip memorable.

We hope you find these tips and recipes for weekend camping food ideas helpful. From the early morning sizzle of the skillet scramble to the comforting warmth of the baked apples, these recipes will surely make your camping meals special.

Happy camping!

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